Stefan Popa POPA'S is a force of the nature. Stefan Popa POPA'S is the only man who is 4 seconds faster than the computer. It's not every day that you meet a cartoon world champion... Who hasn't seen him, cannot believe it... You should have seen the way he sketched "the clients" in just a few seconds - especially the former clients - with a pencil in his hand. A few small traits and they leave so proud of their shortcomings...this is the most essential...the striking resemblance... There are no people in Europe who can keep the pace with him...and maintain the quality. A certain Cabu in the West, a certain Popa's in the East... Thank you for this brilliant stereo! As long as we are not able to cross Europe, than at least let's cross cartoon.

ANDRE BAUR "Let's better laugh!" Chief Editor, St. Esteve, 19.10.1995


Stefan Popa (Popa'S) is not satisfied with the fact that he draws faster than his shadow(*): he catches the resemblance like other catch cold, but there is no vaccine that can protect his "victims" from the strong "blow" of his pencil. His eye is pitiless, but is kind hearted and generous: this is why he tames the "prick" with touchings of pencil or pastel. The drawing brightens up. And the subject comes to life. His portraits have big heads, but he - a privilege of the personalities - continues to be simple, with the ensuring of those who thee and thou the talent everyday. But Popa's doesn't limit himself to draw portraits of the important persons of this world. His bow has more than one sharp arrow - just like Ingres had more strings on his violin! - in his drawings with political or social tint, Popa's render a lucid vision of our cruel humanity. He makes us laugh - he is also a humorist. But above all, he makes us think. I offer him a handshake.


"...I just love what he does. First of all, I like what he looks like... I mean, here it is, a love declaration. I find him... this is a moment... well... he is huge; he is about two metres tall... He draws cartoons that take after him. Technically, this is great. This is really great. Besides, it's original. In this sense, I encourage young cartoonists to find their own style. It's just caricatures, but we see one of his drawings, we just know it's his. And technically again, they're very beautiful, they're coloured...I've just seen him draw live and it's very beautiful; it's even perfect, technically. There's no drawings mistakes."



Popa has fascinated St.Esteve. we have heard of "The Iron Man" from the Eastern countries, now here is "the Lead Man". Popa, this Romanian cartoon freak, proves theat quantity may not necessarily be at odds with quality... Popa is able to line up caricatures or portraits at the speed of the light...He is the World Champion, a title he has received by entering the Guiness book of Records. "This Romanian is crazy", was the reaction of all people present at the festival while witnessing Popa break the world record. Surrounded by on-lookers impressed by the feat and the quality of the drawings, and by other cartoonists awestruck at this Stackhanov of Caricature, this phenomenon enjoyed victory over a new challenge.

Andre BAUR

Popa's has created drawings replete with topicalness, great sharp ideas and a suggestive force. Just like Daumier, Steilen or Naudin, Popa's is the kind of artist who brings cartoon to the rank of major art.

L'ECHO DU CENTRE, August 11, 1979

It has been said that Stefan Popa is the Romanian Daumier of the XXth century. He has got Daumier's sturdiness of the lines, the harshness of psyhologycal analysis and the accusing acrimony


Stefan Popa, the Romanian cartoonist, is with no doubt one of the greatest artists of the kind from Europe.


If I were told about POPA'S! One should go to him to find out how wonderful this man is...

Patrick QUIOTON, Stefan POPA: "the paw of the festival" - August 10th, 1980

Stefan Popa Popa's cartons contain a sharp sense of the essential and a great affection. I was impressed by his rapidity and by his manner in wich he emphasizes through a simple touch of the pensil, through a subtle distortion of the real, interior human qualities and characteristics.